A magical place - Chateau d'Arche

A magical place

Château d’Arche is located in the heart of the village of Sauternes, the most famous of the five villages where Sauternes an exceptional wine is produced

A magical place - Chateau d'Arche

Château d’Arche, with its position close to Ciron, takes advantage of  a very specific local micro-climate which favors the development of Botrytis Cinerea, otherwise called: “Noble Rot”, essential for the production of Sauternes wine.

Un terroir

Located 30 km south of Bordeaux, the specificity of the vineyard is created by the Garonne and the Ciron rivers. The meeting of the cold waters of the Ciron and the warmer waters of the Garonne generates, from the end of the summer, morning fog patches providing optimal humidity. The dry weather in the afternoon dries out the grapes and concentrates the aromas.

Its exceptional location, combined with this diversity of soils, gives Château d´Arche the ability to produce wines of great richness and very specific taste qualities: power on the gravel, aromas on the clays and delicacy on the silts.

A magical place - Chateau d'Arche

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