On the occasion of the Primeurs release, Château d’Arche, Grand Cru Classé 1855, reveals its style, its new label and its new exceptional micro-cuvée


Since 2016, Château d’Arche has been undergoing profound changes. In 2019, the inauguration of the new eco-responsible winery will provide an exceptional tool to produce even better wines; in 2020, a new team will take the helm of this magnificent property, with the arrival in March of Didier Galhaud, Deputy General Manager, followed in August 2020 by Matthieu Arroyo, Technical Director.

If a meticulous work has been elaborated in the vineyards and in the cellar to produce the best wine of the vintage, it is also on the side of the label that Didier Galhaud wished to operate the change, by offering to this brand, old of nearly 300 years, a label which symbolizes this renewal and expresses at the same time luxury, elegance, sobriety and heritage.

2020 a singular and qualitative vintage


Presentation of the 2020 vintage in video:
Château d’Arche : https://youtu.be/MWF2I3X40_A


Château d’Arche 2020 is the first vintage to be 100% vinified in its new cellar. It is defined by its bright fruit, its freshness and its elegance. The nose is very fine with aromas of fresh apricot, pineapple, exotic fruits. The palate is astonishingly balanced and fine; apricots and passion fruit join pineapple and mango. In the end, the fruity aromatic bouquet is reinforced by a spicy and slightly woody character, reinforcing the length and persistence of this beautiful vintage. 16,000 bottles were produced in 2020

As a preview and for the first time at the Primeurs, Château d’Arche unveils its confidential and mystical cuvée (3000 numbered 50 cl bottles)

This cuvée is named Arche Lafaurie, in homage to Pierre Lafaurie, the owner of Château d’Arche at the time, who contributed to its classification in 1855.

The “Crème de Tête” is the cuvée resulting from the first sorting of the botrytised grapes from which the roasted or overheated grapes of the summer have been removed. This first sorting produces wines of great density and extreme aromatic complexity.

The bouquet is an explosion of fragrances around apricot, quince and candied lemon with spicy notes of saffron. The attack is unctuous, rich, yet delicate, precise and airy. With incredible length, it is a symphony of apricot, candied melon and exotic fruit, as well as grilled flavours and a majestic roast worthy of the great botrytised vintages.


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In the vineyard as in the cellar, innovation is the driving force behind all projects.Château d’Arche is committed to precision viticulture, looking for solutions in line with its commitments: purity, naturalness and ecology.