I have been proud to defend the SAUTERNES appellation for more than15 years and it’s an honour to manage Château d’Arche.

An amazing Sauternes

We should highlight the importance of the work carried out by the women and men who work at Château d’Arche. Led by Matthieu Arroyo, oenologist and researcher, this team creates the wines of Chateau d’Arche Grand Cru Classé as if creating a piece of art.  Each harvest is unique, harvested by hand, sorted, selected and shaped… Sauternes remains to be one of the rare artisanal products, “cousu main à la Française”

Thanks to Carole, Brigitte, Constance, Christophe, Guillaume, Olivier and Philippe, who employ all of their enthusiasm and engagement in this noble task.


Didier Galhaud

L'équipe du château d'Arche