The vineyard is an area of 70 hectares in AOC Sauternes and AOC Bordeaux including 30 hectares all around the Chateau, which is remarkable.

The vineyard is made up of 90% Semillon, an emblematic grape variety of the Sauternes designation. Indeed, it allows the Botrytis Cinerea to develop and concentrate the aromas of exotic and crystallized fruits. Blended with 10% grey and white Sauvignon and Muscadelle, the aromatic palate becomes complete.

Its restructuring, started in 2016, continues with the main objective of rejuvenating the average age of the vines while keeping a few plots of hundred-year-old vines which represent a real advantage for the wines of the property. Indeed, these old vines bring intensity and structure to the wine.

Vineyard - Chateau d'Arche
Vineyard - Chateau d'Arche